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Hip hip hurra!!

Nicole Herzog - Stewy von Wattenwyl Group haben den Swiss Jazz Award 2014 gewonnen !

Herzlichen Dank an die Abstimmenden, an die Jury und an die Organisatoren und Sponsoren des Swizz Jazz Awards!



«I first heard vocalist Nicole Herzog sing a few years ago when she was a student at the Jazz Generations workshop in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. I was a member of the faculty, and I recall that it was immediately clear to me and all the other instructors that we were witnessing a talented young lady with a beautiful voice plus elegance and grace to match! As I listen to her wonderful performance on her first recording, Time Will Tell, I am just as impressed as I was the very first time I heard her.»

Lewis Nash
Drummer, bandleader, educator, recording artist
New York City, June 16, 2008